Red Wattle Pork
Red Wattle Pork

$760 (Whole share) – $400 (Half share)

Whole and half Red Wattle shares are all natural lean pasture-raised pork. Orders are vacuum packed and USDA inspected. Prices include processing and free delivery to the northern Colorado region. Additional charges may apply for delivery outside this area.

Orders will contain the following:

Cuts Whole share Half share
Pork Chops 24-28 lbs 12-14 lbs
Spare Ribs 6 lbs 3 lbs
Ground Pork/Sausage 16-20 lbs 8-10 lbs
Cured Bacon 16-20 lbs 8-10 lbs
Cured Ham (Steaks or Whole) 30-36 lbs 15-18 lbs
Picnic Roast 20 lbs 10 lbs
Boston Shoulder Roast 8-12 lbs 4-6 lbs
Cured Hocks/Stew Meat 10 lbs 5 lbs
Fat 15-20 lbs 8-10 lbs

Whole hog shares

Whole hog shares are $760. A $400 non-refundable deposit must accompany an order.

Half hog shares

Half hog shares are $400. A $250 non-refundable deposit must accompany an order.

To place an order

  • First it is essential to contact us prior to placing an order to discuss availability, cuts and delivery options.
  • Next place your order below.  Orders must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit. Balance will be due upon delivery.


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